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Microsoft Suprising the Industry

It’s all too easy in our field, living in the great state of Colorado or any of the current legal markets to feel a bit in a bubble nowadays. As the industry continues to move forward with the passion (and revenues) we all enjoy today, it is refreshing to see a company the size of...
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Why the Marijuana Business Is Appealing to Female Entrepreneurs

So much about selling legal cannabis remains to be worked out—including the industry’s gender norms. DENVER—In this mountain town, which began allowing the recreational sale of marijuana in 2014, businesswomen and female entrepreneurs say they are launching marijuana-centric companies with the hope that they can avoid the glass ceiling some say prevented them from reaching...
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The Future of Weed – High Country VICE

Matt Ellis doesn’t smoke weed. He simply doesn’t enjoy being stoned. The all-too-familiar itch of paranoia that follows a few deep rips of pot is enough to keep him from using. But that’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy—or maybe even need—weed. It’s in the one green that he sees gobs of the other. “At...
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