Parts & Services

ExtractionTek Solutions offers parts and pieces for many hydrocarbon extractors currently sold in legal markets. From gaskets and specialized filters to machine re-certifications, ExtractionTek can help you get back up and safely extracting quickly. ExtractionTek Solutions offers the quickest turnaround time in the industry for all standard Recovery Pump repairs. We also offer material “Tube-Sox” fitted for most major extraction column sizes.

ETS Certified Training

The safety of your team and operation should remain your top consideration when purchasing extraction equipment. Every ExtractionTek Solutions system offers certified training programs for your entire extraction team. The ETS Certified Training Program meets and exceeds all local regulatory requirements and reduces your time to market. We also offer Re-Training and new employee certifications in case your Extraction Team experiences turn-over.

Patented Technology

Purchase with Confidence: The USPTO has awarded Solutions Patent US9399180B2 covering all the proprietary designs we offer to the Extraction Industry. ExtractionTek Solutions only works with manufacturers that either build their patented designs or license from reputable equipment manufacturers. Ask your manufacturer for proof they own their designs before you buy. Protect your long-term investment and focus on your operation.

Family of Extraction Systems

Founder and President Matthew Ellis walks through the ExtractionTek Solutions family of machines in Fall 2016.